Avi Nardia developed the KAPAP training system within the Israeli Special Forces. KAPAP is about training as a professional to develop effective skills in a short amount of time. It is the fastest and most effective system in the world, Read More
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    The Londonderry Koryukan operates under the direct auspices of Patrick McCarthy (Hanshi, 9th dan), the foremost western expert on fighting traditions of the far east. Gain an impeccable lineage tracing back to the very origins of classical martial arts. No Read More
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    We believe in you as a empowered individual and a member of our team. Rather than building an army of clones, KMA fosters your self-expression through martial arts. We believe that a strong team is comprised of strong individuals. Read More
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  • Get a head start with the Kō-Ryū Kubs! Your preschooler will have a blast learning the fundamentals of classical martial
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  • Self-defense and social skills build confidence! Our students work together in a safe environment while learning the tenets of traditional
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  • BEGINNERS WANTED AT OLD SCHOOL DOJO! Achieve balance of your mind, body and spirit. Skip the hype, flash, and splash
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古 流 館



古 (KO) classical
流 (RYU) way
館 (KAN) house
古 (KO) classical
流 (RYU) way
館 (KAN) house


KMA is an internationally accredited school of traditional martial arts. The International Ryukyu Karatejutsu Research Society operates in over 20 countries around the world and is presided over by the most respected man in Okinawan karate-jutsu, Hanshi Kinjo Hiroshi (born in 1919).  The International Director of the IRKRS is Hanshi Patrick McCarthy, a Japan accredited 9th degree black belt.